Lohan sues E-Trade for using her ‘characterization’ in ad without permission

McClatchy-Tribune News Service | Boulder Weekly

NEW YORK — Got lawsuit?

Actress Lindsay Lohan apparently
thinks a milk-imbibing baby in a TV ad for E-Trade, a financial
securities company, is a takeoff on her and has filed a $100 million lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court in New York in response to the commercial.

The chubby-cheeked baby, named Lindsay, is referred
to by another baby in the ad as a “milkoholic” prone to stealing
boyfriends. The ad ran during the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Lohan states in the suit that E-Trade did not receive her permission to use her “name and characterization.”

Attorneys Stephanie Ovadia and Anand Ahuja of Richmond Hill, in New York’s Queens borough, are representing Lohan.

“I believe a lot of people observed it and pointed
it out (to Lohan),” Ahuja said Tuesday. “There’s every reason to be
upset because it is using somebody’s name without the permission of the
person. Somebody’s using her name for their own commercial benefits.”

But why does Lohan think the ad is mimicking her?

Ahuja says Lohan’s “persona” is reflected in the ad.

Does Lohan drink a lot of milk?

Ahuja wouldn’t say.

Alison Cahill, an E-Trade spokeswoman, said the company had not seen the complaint and had no comment.