Dead Tenant comes to Boulder

Thursday, December 12: Dead Tenant, The Laughing Goat, 1709 Pearl St., Boulder, 8 p.m.

Lexi Schwartz | Boulder Weekly

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote Chaconne in D Minor between 1717 and 1723. In August 2013, Dead Tenant uploaded Chaconne in D Minor as performed on an electric guitar to YouTube.

Dead Tenant, a project of Columbus, Ohio, musician Andrew Amirzadeh, is drawing attention for this convergence of genres as Amirzadeh takes classical compositions and adapts them into precise electric guitar interpretations. Even more intensely, each piece is performed on one single track, with no pedals or finger tricks: just Amirzadeh, his guitar and his pick.

Stopping by The Laughing Goat this week as part of a cross-country tour, Amirzadeh will be performing his renditions of everything from the baroque to the post-minimalist with the sounds of classic composers and the styles of classic rock. Amirzadeh’s performance promises something performers of all genres and experiences can appreciate, with melodies that have lasted through time and impeccable musicianship that can uphold even the most complex of arrangements. —Lexi Schwartz