Global Soul Experience

Friday, February 28 at Shine

Credit of Janis Kelley

Friday, February 28: Global Soul Experience. 8 p.m. Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, 2027 13th St., Boulder, 303- 449-0120.

The Global Soul Experience is a seven-piece Boulder-based group that brings funk and soul rooted in anything from hip-hop to Latin to African music.

“We are a multicultural, original band,” says Janis Kelly, vocalist and founding member of the band. “Something that is really unique about us is that we have two vocalists, three rappers and two percussionists. It’s a lot going on. We try to carry on the full tradition of being socially conscious while bringing that groovy music with a message of peace and community.”

The Global Soul Experience originally formed when a group of musician friends got together to form an ensemble to perform at Burning Man Festival in 2012. While only three members of the original group remain, the current formation of the band will be releasing its first demo at the Shine concert.

“We call ourselves a ‘higher vibe of planetary groove,’ and all we mean by that is we want people to be dancing to uplifting words. That is what makes the music so powerful,” Kelly says.