listen up! | Week of March 27, 2014

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

Wednesday, April 2: Meat Puppets and Moistboyz, 8:30 p.m., Fox Theater, Boulder, (303) 447-0095

You probably haven’t heard of Moistboyz. Heck, they aren’t even the headlining act at the Fox Theater on Wednesday, April 2. That honor goes to Meat Puppets.

That’s because the fuzzy, garage-rock and psych-thrash Moistboyz have been blasting out since the mid-’90s is slightly eclipsed by some of the other bands its rotating membership splits time in, including bands like Ween, Queens of the Stone Age and Butthole Surfers, all of whom you probably have heard of.

But the lo-fi, ’70s-influenced rock’n’roll is noteworthy in its own right. Tracks like “Paperboy,” and “1.0 (Fuck No)” effectively ape the gritty proto-punk style pioneered by Iggy Pop.