Rock and roll

Sterling Taylor

Thursday, Aug. 14: Black Pussy, with In the Whale. 10 p.m. The Lazy Dog Bar and Grill, 1346 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-440-3355.

Portland stoner-rockers Black Pussy really don’t care if you think their name is offensive. Like so many things in rock and roll, it comes from The Rolling Stones (before being censored by the record company, “Brown Sugar” was originally called, “Black Pussy”) and it helps make sure that their audiences are the sort that are more interested in the music than the marketing. Also, from Elvis’s hips, to Jim Morrison’s pelvis, to Alice Cooper’s severed head, feather-ruffling has always been key to real rock and roll.

And those listeners who embrace or see past the band’s name will be treated to some top-notch rock, with sludgy guitar riffs that are equal parts Iron Butterfly and Alice in Chains, and bluesy vocal hooks, a formula that has won the band acclaim throughout the underground.

Also on the bill is In the Whale, Denver’s two-piece answer to anyone that dares claim rock is dead.