V-Moda Headphones give Dr. Dre a run for his money

Quibian Salazar-Moreno | Boulder Weekly

The hottest headphones on the market right now are without a doubt Dr. Dre’s signature Beat by Dre headphones. Coming in at $120 or more for the in-ear headphones and up to $400 for the over-the-ear headphones, Beats by Dre boast the best audio for in-studio use or iPod sounds.

But if cost might be a bit steep for you, you might want to check into V-Moda’s line of headphones. The quality of sound is pretty much even to that of Beats by Dre but more affordable. For its line of in-ear headphones, V-Moda starts around $30 to about $130 for its highest quality pair and for its over-the-ear line, Crossfade, it starts at $199.99.

Lately we’ve been rocking the Vibrato in-ear headphones ($129.99) that has a mic and volume control compatible with iPhone versions 3GS and up and iPad. The sound quality is superb, accentuating the bass and treble in the music and easily blocking out all outside noise. The cable is a sturdy fabric built to withstand multiple bends and pulls and ends with a 24K gold plated jack. Yes, get your shine on!

We’ve also been working with the Crossfade over-the-ear headphones ($199.99) that also has a mic and volume control that is compatible with all iPhone versions, 3GS and up, and the iPad. The headphones fit comfortably over your ears, muting the entire outside world, and immersing you into the music. The headphones would also work well for PC gaming (although the mic wouldn’t work for chatting). The headphones come packaged with two fabric 3.5 millimeter audio cables, one with the mic (36 inches long) and volume control and one without (69 inches long) and a 1/4-inch adapter for studio work.

If you visit the V-Moda website (www.v-moda.com/customs ) you can customize your Crossfade headphones with one of four base colors, one of six metal plate covers, one of four different designs and an inscription of up to 11 characters, giving your headphones a signature look that sets them apart from everything else. Now you’re rockin’ with style!