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Bettie Page Reveals All

none | Boulder Weekly

The Dairy Center is adding a little extra onto a documentary called Bettie Page Reveals All, Thursday, Jan. 23, Friday, Jan. 24. and Saturday, Jan. 25. In conjunction with the screenings, the Dairy Center is featuring a small exhibition of pinup photography in its galleries. The photos will be up through Jan, 30.

“It’s a documentary about the life of Bettie Page. She’s one of the most famous pin-up models of the ’50s and ’60s, and then at the height of her career she just disappeared from the public eye,” says Glenn Webb, the cinema manager for the Dairy’s Boedecker Theater.

Page helps to posthumously narrate the documentary herself, through an archival audio interview. “There’s a lot of great archive footage along with interviews from some contemporary people. It’s also significant because she was a pretty big part of the sexual revolution and was part of some obscenity trials when they were trying to block [from the] public of things that were obscene at the time,” Webb says.

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