Second Man Sentenced to Prison Over Threats to Creators of ‘South Park’

none | Boulder Weekly

A co-conspirator in a plot that threatened South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker
with death over an episode that featured the Muslim prophet Muhammed
dressed as a bear was sentenced Friday to 138 months in prison.

Authorities said that Jesse Curtis Morton, who went by the name Younus Abdullah Muhammed,
created Revolution Muslim in 2007 and used the organization’s website
to encourage violence against enemies of Islam, including Parker and

According to the FBI and other law-enforcement officials, Morton helped Zachary Chesser
and others terrorize Parker and Stone by urging followers to “pay them a
visit” and also supplying details about where they live. The website
postings included lines like: “Islam’s position is that those that
insult the Prophet may be killed.”

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