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Joel Dyer | Boulder Weekly

The joys of the internet
If you were walking down the street this morning, whistling a tune, kicking up your heels, marvelling at all the faith you have for humanity, then you obviously haven’t visited today.

Actress and SNL cast member, Leslie Jones, like the majority of humans today, has a website where fans and newcomers alike can familiarize themselves with her work.
Well if you visited her website on Wednesday, you’d be privy to Jones’ passport information, driver’s license and naked pictures. Hackers also leaked other personal information of Jones and a video was reportedly posted of Harambre, the gorilla who was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Jones has been victim to “internet trolls,” which we more accurately call “the scum of the Earth.” A few months ago, while promoting the all-female Ghostbusters remake, Jones’ Twitter was inundated with racist, sexist comments, with someone going so far as to Photoshop a picture of Jones with semen on her face. All the backlash because she, a black woman, dared to star in a remake of a silly ’80s movie.

The internet has always been a safe space for women, especially women of color. Wait, did we say always? We meant never. Faceless parasites feel the need to destroy women because nothing else can awaken their small, dead loins the same way as racist remarks and death threats can.

Ain’t humanity great?


Avoid the rush, start hating these people now
Remember that giant turd-ball of a CEO who raised the price on a lifesaving AIDS drug from $13 to $750 just so he would have more money to buy fancy cars and party. His name was Martin Shkreli and he sucks as a human being. But he isn’t alone. And this time it’s even more disgusting because it’s all about politics.

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So you’ve heard of EpiPens, right? It’s the little lifesaving device full of medicine to counter allergic reactions to bee stings and some foods. For kids and adults with these life-threatening allergies, an EpiPen is a miracle.
Enter the politics.

So Mylan, the company that makes the EpiPen, is run by its CEO, Heather Bresch who just happens to be the daughter of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. So follow this little tale. First Bresch and her company use their obvious influence to push through legislation that forced schools to have EpiPens on site. No problem there. It makes sense to have them around to save the life of some kid whose family can’t afford for them to keep one in their pocket at all times.

But then, after it is legislated that we tax payers have to spring for putting the EpiPens in schools, Bresch and her company raised the price from $57 to more than $600 without the slightest justification other than they could.

And now for the really disgusting part. Political observers are already talking about how difficult it may be for Congress to investigate this travesty because they don’t want to embarrass one of their own. Embarrass? How about tar and feather, and go ahead and include that remedy for any other gutless elected official who even considers hesitating to walk back this corporate raping of taxpayers and vulnerable people who depend on EpiPens to keep them alive.

The only thing embarrassing about this situation is that none of these corporate extortionists or their political enablers will ever see the inside of a prison cell. And that is what they deserve.