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Cain’s insane

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain needs help.

This dope thinks he’s going to attract voter support by taking potshots at the Occupy Wall Street movement. In a TV interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Cain called the protesters “jealous” Americans who “play the victim card.”

Cain also called them “anti-capitalism” and suggested that the rallies had been organized by labor unions to serve as a “distraction, so that many people won’t focus on the failed policies of the Obama administration.”

Oh sure, that makes a whole lot of sense. That’s why so many card-carrying Democrats are protesting Wall Street and corporate cash, it’s because they are secretly mad at Obama. Um, last time we checked, it was Obama who was publicly dressing down CEOs and other corporate fat cats for taking huge bonuses as they were getting a government bailout. At one point he even set a $500,000 limit on pay to executives of companies receiving a bailout.

So no, Herman, don’t try to pin this on Obama. This is more about the Republicans than it is about Democrats.

As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., aptly pointed out in a separate interview, we didn’t see the Republicans jumping all over the Tea Party when its members were demonstrating — or spitting on members of Congress in the Capitol.

Pot patrol

We love how the state’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) puffed out its chest last week when it helped shut down a Carbondale dispensary suspected of selling illegal drugs like cocaine.

Yeah, we get it, the MMED is a big, tough operation, cracking down on dispensaries that stray.

“Today is an example of how the MMED provides a valuable resource for other law enforcement agencies by partnering with them to provide both agencies with increased manpower and institutional knowledge to stop illegal activity within Colorado’s medical marijuana industry and our state,” the division crowed in a press release.

MMED Director Dan Hartman added, “While the MMED is currently working to educate members of the medical marijuana industry and bring them into compliance with current statute and rule, we will not hesitate to take immediate action when we are made aware of blatant illegal activity.”

Is it just us, or are they overdoing it a bit, like they’re trying to compensate for something? Could it be that they have been perceived in the past as an understaffed, overworked rubber-stamping bureaucracy? Nah.

And so close to Halloween

We got this amazing flier this week sporting a big color picture of a guy with a big smile but no top front teeth.

Turns out, his name is Jimmy Macias, and he is an inline hockey player who wasn’t wearing a facemask when he incurred the aforementioned injury, described succinctly in the flier as catching “a stick in the mouth.” An inline hockey tournament and free benefit concert have been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 15, to raise money for Jimmy’s dental bill.

The hockey tournament begins at 2:30 p.m. at the Hartmann Inline Rink at 4800 N. 28th St. in Boulder, next to the Gateway Fun Park, and the concert, featuring 2 Real 4 da Mind, begins at 8:30 p.m. at the Deli Zone in Longmont, at 1240 Ken Pratt Blvd.

We’re not sure about helping him pay his dental bills, but hey, if this raises awareness about hockey safety gear, keep smiling, Jimmy.