In case you missed it | CU´s latest ranking reeks

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What? CU was ranked third in Newsweek’s party school rankings?


This is another black eye for the university. And so close on the heels of that annual pot-smoking fiasco known as 4/20.

Why, it’s bound to devalue the degrees of CU graduates.

Oh, wait. The university just recently announced something about amazing amounts of cash being generated by fundraising and research grants. Guess the degree hasn’t been devalued too much!

Or maybe we’ve seen growth in those areas because the state continues to financially choke CU to death, and there have been renewed efforts to find more money somewhere else.

Either way, we at Boulder Weekly would like to formally announce that we have decided to withhold all of our financial support for the university until we get into the number one party school slot!


Speaking of CU students, hope you enjoy your last week of relative peace and quiet on the roadways and in the shops, restaurants and public bathrooms.

Yes, the fall semester begins on Aug. 27, so we all know what that means.

“Boulder Weekly’s Student Guide will be out?” you ask.

Yes, nicely done, it’s certainly a humdinger this year, but actually we were thinking of something else. It’s that sound of cold, hard cash, as students begin filling all of our retail, dining and service-related establishments, forking over Mommy and Daddy’s credit card for beer, ramen, new shoes and other basic necessities.

And then there’s the sweet sound of their laughter filling the autumn air, as they walk, or stagger, from a football game or a house party, the faint noise of retching in alleyways echoing around the Hill.

Yes, there are tradeoffs.

But we love ‘em. We wouldn’t trade them for any other bunch of young ruffians and scholars.

Well, maybe we would, if that other bunch spent more money.


Heard about this couple that is spending their honeymoon traveling across the country, having breakfast with strangers?

Matt Webber and Courtney Dillard got married in July, then hit the road in an attempt to challenge the negative concepts of “stranger danger” and a divided America. At the end of their trip they’ll pick 50 of their favorite breakfast visits to highlight in, presumably, a coffee table book.

They were in the Denver/Boulder area earlier this week, and now they’re on to Kansas. On their list of Facebook “likes” is The Kitchen [Next Door] in Boulder and Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver.

And their latest Facebook post thanks Denver for the wonderful time and gives props to the chicory coffee and beignets at Lucile’s Creole Cafe.

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