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Drugs, driving and Denver

We were just tickled pink to see that the Daily Beast and Newsweek recently named CU-Boulder the druggiest school in America.

Hey, it’s better than number one party school, right?

And this came in the same week that CU’s Denver campus released results of a study showing lowered alcohol consumption and fewer traffic deaths in states that have legalized marijuana.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that drivers who are high on pot are much less dangerous than drunks behind the wheel.

They just tend to drive slower, for one thing. As CU-Boulder officials spin themselves dizzy trying to explain why being named the druggiest school is either a data miscalculation or a result of increased drug enforcement, we have a solution.

Since the Denver campus seems to have seen the light when it comes to marijuana, and since CU-Boulder student leaders are suddenly itching to rid their campus of the annual 4/20 smokeout, let’s send that cannabistic cacophony down to CU-Denver!

Dumb deputy (allegedly)

Yep, yet another case of alleged sexual misconduct by an authority figure with an underage person, or persons. This time, though, it isn’t a college coach out in New York or Pennsylvania. Nope, this time it is a cop, and in our own backyard.

Deputy Rick Ferguson, a 30-year veteran of the Boulder County Sheriff ’s Office, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of using the Internet for the sexual exploitation of a child. What does this mean? Basically, Ferguson was allegedly talking dirty to some underage females on his computer.

The real kicker is that suspicions were raised because of the computer assigned to Ferguson’s patrol vehicle. Really, Deputy Ferguson? You are surrounded by a bunch of people whose job is to catch criminals, and you are allegedly conducting criminal activity on an office-assigned computer? Either Ferguson doesn’t have much respect for his fellow officers’ abilities, or he was thinking with another part of his anatomy, if you know what we mean.

Police officers are the ones we are supposed to trust with our safety. Plus, they have incredible authority over us mere civilians. With that combination, it doesn’t look so good when one of them allegedly commits such a disgusting and stupid act.

Oh, did we mention that Ferguson is 53? By now you would think he would realize Internet activity can be traced. Innocent before proven guilty and all, but really, man, pick on someone your own age.

You get what you pay for

The U.S. Postal Service isn’t doing so well financially these days, but it isn’t for lack of effort. Consider that the post office delivers more items to Americans every single day than FedEx delivers in an entire year. Even Brown is no match. The post office drops off more stuff every week than UPS delivers annually. So why does the post office have so much trouble making money?

It all starts at the top. FedEx’s CEO wants to move more stuff faster.

He makes $7.4 million a year.

The UPS CEO wants to move more stuff faster. He makes $9.4 million a year.

The CEO of the post office makes a paltry $800K annually. His plan for the future is to deliver less mail at a slower speed on less days of the week. Good idea.