In case you missed it | Dude, what is up?


Dude, what is up?

Was there a full moon recently? Seems like there has been something in the water, considering the crazy stuff going on.

Boulder police say a guy who died in a hit-and-run near Broadway and Baseline Road on March 5 may have actually been lying in the road. Bad way to avoid getting hit.

Another pedestrian who was hit by a car on Broadway — but lived — gets a ticket for not using the crosswalk.

There are wild tales of kids getting into their parents’ medibles and random bullets flying through windows in Erie. People were getting sexually harassed at the Original Pancake House, Eldora was letting people ski for free, and a lady was fined $500 after her dog went running off and knocked down an elderly woman, who later died from complications caused by the fall.

Pretty sad when the most normal thing going on locally is the Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Baby killer!

Then there was the Republican lawmaker in Georgia who wanted to pass a law classifying miscarriages as murder.

The bill’s definition of “prenatal murder” includes abortions, of course, and only excludes miscarriages as long as women can demonstrate that there was no human involvement that caused the miscarriage. Guilty until proven innocent. Makes sense, right?

This is Rep. Bobby Franklin, the same coot who pushed legislation to reclassify victims of domestic violence as “accusers.”

Hey Bobby, note to self. This is 2011, and that’s not how we roll.

This guy is definitely not winning.

Barack a gangster?

Teabagger Michele Bachmann, that wacky Republican from Minnesota, won’t back down from calling the Barack Obama administration a “gangster” government.

Nice. She originally used the phrase at a tea party gathering last April, and when given the opportunity to retract it March 6 on NBC’s Meet the Press, she stuck to her guns, so to speak.

The thing is, when you’re speaking to rednecks in the Tea Party movement, you probably don’t want to give them even more ammunition, for lack of a better term, to think their racist, possibly violent, thoughts about our president.

Did Bachmann learn nothing from the Arizona shootings about toning down the rhetoric of violence that only further riles up the wing-nut element in our nation?

We can’t decide who’s worse — Palin or Bachmann.

A mud-wrestling match between the two might be in order. That might divert them John Deere hat-wearing, shotgun-toting, PBR-drinking bumpkins from their hate-mongering for a bit.

We could sell pay-per-view tickets and pay off the national debt.