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We could sense all of the true diehard Star Wars fans cringing in their brown hooded robes with the news this week that Disney was buying Lucasfilm and planning to release additional episodes of the series.

As if forcing a largely cheesy three-movie prequel down reluctant-yet-defenseless devotees’ throats wasn’t enough, George Lucas has now really sold out, taking more than $4 billion for his empire. He even threw in Indiana Jones for good measure.

Yes, apparently these next Disney Star Wars movies will be a sequel to the original series, the continuing adventures of Luke, Leia and Han as they become elderly and pass the torch, er, light saber, to a young hero or heroine, preferably a cute animal who is missing a parent.

As if the ridiculous Jar Jar Binks wasn’t enough to send disturbances through the Force, now we’re going to have characters from Monsters Inc. and Toy Story pitting their wits against R2 and Threepio.

The best we can hope for is some sweet animation and some famous actors lending their voice talents to the cast. And maybe we’ll get some new rides at those theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim.

But unfortunately, given Disney’s penchant for cross-pollination, the new Death Star in Episode VII will probably be sporting a Buzz Lightyear bumper sticker.

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.


Wow, President Barack Obama speaks on the CU-Boulder campus three times in a six-month period. He must really want Boulder’s support. We know it’s going to be a tight race here locally for president, given Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s recent appearance on campus, but Obama’s regular visits may just push him over the top.

One demographic where he apparently needs to gain some ground is among North Boulder prairie dogs, which apparently made headlines on a recent slow-news day at Brand X News for having erected Romney/Ryan campaign signs above their burrows. The rodents’ support seems to be evenly split.

Perhaps Obama should spend a little less time at CU and a little more effort glad-pawing along the Diagonal Highway. After all, he’s going to need every vote he can get to capture the notorious Republican stronghold of Boulder County.

All kidding aside, it’s been nice to have the attention of a sitting president for the first time since Eisenhower. And it’s been a significant infusion of diversity into this lily-white city and campus.

We especially enjoy Obama’s impromptu appearances at local restaurants before his speeches, and the efforts of the Republican-dominated CU administration to go out of its way to issue disclaimers saying that Obama’s visits should in no way be construed as endorsements of the Democrat. If Mitt Romney wanted to visit the campus, they insist, he would receive the same red-carpet treatment.

At least from the prairie dogs.