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OK, so sometimes the whole Boulder-ness of our county can get to be a bit over the top.

The latest was a recent email from your Boulder County government reminding all of us green-abiding citizens that Feb. 24 is the deadline for commenting on the county’s “Climate Change Preparedness Plan.”

Yep, folks, our county government has shelled out good money to a team of consultants to tell us how we can be prepared for the end of the world. Take that, you anti-science, global warming deniers.

Still, our closet Republican side couldn’t help but poke a little fun at this. Were they going to advise us to stockpile water? Buy some solar-powered fans? Invest in radiationproof suits?

We decided to give our wise elected leaders a fair shake and check out the draft plan, which simply lays out a bunch of recommendations for emergency management and dealing with things like droughts, dwindling water supplies and wild fires.

Alright, so those are legitimate threats, regardless of whether current trends are being caused by climate change or periodic shifts that occur naturally over thousands of years.

We’d still like to insert something about beachwear.

If you’d like to make suggestions too, check out the plan at


Also got an email (does anyone else need a personal assistant just to manage the never-ending stream of email flowing into various inboxes?)

from a company that has developed a handy iPhone case. With a bottle opener.

Yes, we knew there would come a day when smartphones would become as handy as Swiss Army Knives, complete with awls, screwdrivers, toothpicks and tweezers.

The bottle-opening cover, dubbed the “Intoxicase,” also comes with an app that uses your iPhone’s gyroscope sensor to count how many bottles of beer you’ve opened in one sitting, lets you keep track of what kinds of beers you’re drinking (it comes preloaded with 400 brands) and even logs how many gallons you’ve consumed over time.

Plus, when you realize you’ve had too many, it can locate local taxi companies and connect you to a ride home with one touch.

Ah, just in time for March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day and spring break.

Next, they need to add a breathalyzer.

Check it out at Just don’t drunk-text ex-boyfriends.