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So, now we’ve got a pedophile book author in Pueblo. Well, that’s exactly what that city needed to raise its national profile.

Phillip Ray Greaves II, the author of The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct, refers to these sickos not as pedophiles but as “pedosexuals,” in a feeble attempt to justify sexual abuse of a child as a legit lifestyle or sexual orientation.

We can hear the far-right wingnuts now, hollering about how this is what happens when deviants like homosexuals are given rights.

Um, hold the phone. In one case, we have adults preying on helpless, emotionally and physically vulnerable children who have no real control over whether they are molested, and in the other case we have two consenting adults expressing their love for one another. Big difference.

As for, we’re all for free expression and the First Amendment, but we applaud them for finally pulling the volume off its e-shelves. The guy can hawk his filthy book on the street corner, but there is no obligation for companies to sell it for him — or for consumers to buy it.

God bless the free market system.

Huevos with a side of racial profiling

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has gone to bat for two Colorado residents who were arrested in an Omaha, Neb., restaurant after an agent from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) overheard them speaking Spanish and decided that they must be in the country illegally.

Arquimides Bautista and Rosalba Artimas, both U.S. citizens, are active vendors of Amway products. On the evening of April 1, along with several dozen other Spanish-speaking distributors, they boarded a chartered bus to travel to an Amway convention in Omaha. Arriving early the next morning, the bus stopped at a fast food restaurant so the passengers could eat breakfast.

Unfortunately for Bautista and Artimas, an ICE officer happened to be getting breakfast at the same time. Apparently, the officer assumed that a busload of Spanish-speaking individuals constituted probable cause. Bautista and Artimas were arrested and searched, together with several legal immigrants.

“This is a case of racial profiling and ethnic stereotyping at its very worst,” said Mark Silverstein, ACLU legal director, in a press release. “An ICE agent targeted our clients for speaking Spanish in an Omaha fast-food restaurant. Speaking Spanish is not a crime, nor does it provide any basis for immigration officers to start demanding papers or otherwise launch any investigation.”

Hey, ICE, that is so not cool!

Free Fido’s feelings

You, or your dog, may want to take advantage of a new operation in town that is offering emotional healing — not just for people, but for pets and even places!

The HEAL Transformation Center held its grand opening on Nov. 13. They describe their approach as a “Curves” fitness club for holistic healing.

“We are partnering with the Boulder Humane Society to provide emotional clearing sessions for ‘unadoptable dogs,’ to facilitate clearing the animals’ subconscious emotional blocks that are keeping them from true positive expression,” they say in a press release.

So that’s why Fifi keeps shitting on the floor and Rover won’t stop chewing on the furniture! They just have some emotional blockage keeping them from more positive expression, like fetching the newspaper! Good to know.

And to think of all that money we threw down the drain on training programs and switching foods.

The new center is also offering residents of the Boulder Safe House the opportunity to visit its “Energy Medicine Healing Bay” for “quick elimination of post-traumatic stress patterns.”

At the grand opening, the center augmented the healing with live soul music, caricatures, food, beer and wine.

Check them out at, or call 303-440-HEAL. Respond: