In case you missed it | Smoke him if you got him

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While we have absolutely no opinion on whether marijuana should be legalized in Colorado (OK, so maybe we do, stay tuned for next week’s Vote Guide with our endorsements), we have to agree with the Amendment 64 campaign on at least one front.

Amendment 64 would allow the smoking of the doobie, or at least control it the way that alcohol is regulated. Its backers balked last week at the comments of the anti-64 campaign chief, who reportedly dissed a decorated Denver police officer who dared endorse the pro-pot measure.

In a Sept. 21 press release, Amendment 64 spokesperson Mason Tvert ripped opponent Roger Sherman for describing 36-year Denver Police Department veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Tony Ryan as a “rent-a-cop.”

Now, we’ve met rent-a-cops before and Ryan doesn’t sound like he fits the bill. This dude got a DPD Purple Heart after being shot while on duty, and received a merit award for being an immediate responder to the Columbine shootings, according to Tvert.

This seems to be yet another lame attempt to torpedo a common-sense measure that would put a plant on the same level as alcohol, a substance that is responsible for way more deaths and injuries each year than the herb. Kudos to a cop who recognizes that fact, and shame on the fear-mongers who ripped on him.


OK, we get lots of press releases each day, and lots of calls from well-meaning PR people making sure that we got their press releases.

Sometimes, when it’s local, or at least in our general realm of coverage, we give it a glance.

This time, when we saw the subject line “New book suggests God will return to Earth in September 2012,” we sat up and paid heed. After all, there are only a few days left in September, and we didn’t want to miss the boat.

Some of us immediately began praying, asking about the possibility of forgiveness for last weekend’s shenanigans involving whiskey and a local goat farm.

Turns out, this new book, titled The Message and written by Albert Lynch, predicted that “God will come to Earth to collect all His believers on September 17, 2012, at midnight.”

The problem is, from a simple public relations standpoint, we got the press release about this fantastic revelation on Sept. 20.

Folks, if you are planning to publish anything about the return of Jesus, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Mohammed, or any other deity or demigod or born-again whatever, do not use a publishing company that publicizes your prediction after it doesn’t come true. It makes it a bit more difficult to save the infidels.


In related news, and in a PR campaign that actually seems to have worked quite well, on Sept. 20, we got a press release from that Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, founder of Scouts for Equality, was urging Intel to stop funding the Boy Scouts’ anti-gay discrimination, to the tune of $700,000 in 2010.

We were told that more than 3,500 people had signed on to support the initiative protesting the company, which had professed to not donate to groups that discriminate.

On Sept. 21, the next day, we got an announcement from that, in fact, Intel had announced it will no longer fund the Boy Scouts, due to the Scouts’ policy barring gay scouts and leaders. In less than 48 hours, the number of folks who signed on to protest the corporation’s funding had apparently grown to 30,000.

Now that’s what we call results.

According to, other companies that have made sizeable donations to the Boy Scouts include Verizon, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

It’s time to make them earn their merit badge for equality.