In case you missed it | What a difference four days makes



We sure appreciated the memo from the CU administration providing us with a list of items that would be prohibited at President Barack Obama’s April 24 speech in the Coors Events Center.

The list included things like guns, knives, mace and pepper spray. So helpful. Um, in an age in which we can’t even board a plane with our freakin’ shampoo, who’s going to think it’s OK to pack heat at a POTUS event?

There was, however, one item missing from the list of prohibited things, considering the fact that the Secret Service would be present.

Hookers. As for the whole yogurt on the pants thing, somewhere Bill Clinton is smirking.

All kidding aside, we are curious about just one more thing, in light of last week’s 4/20 concert with Wyclef Jean. What words did the CU administration prohibit Obama from saying?

We did notice that, despite the application of fish fertilizer to the floor of the Coors Events Center, many of the same political activists leading the campus protest parade on 4/20 were front-and-center at the Obama event.