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Capturing carbon

Wastewater treatment could be a cost effective combatant of climate change

By Mollie Putzig

In the U.S., we treat more than 100 trillion gallons of wastewater every year, enough to submerge a mile-wide swath from Boulder to Colorado Springs, one mile deep in wastewater. Treating that water requires 15 gigawatts of electricity, the equivalent of 6,000 wind turbines running full tilt.



Western Apicultural Society Conference brings opponents to the table as pollinators take the political stage

By Sarah Haas

The Western Apicultural Society conference, in Boulder Oct. 1–3, will host the key players in regional pollinator issues including beekeepers, industrial agriculture companies, ecosystem biologists and policy makers. These groups don’t always get along or see eye to eye, but the conference is an important forum to host the vital discussions of how to promote pollinator health. It is a rare opportunity for apiculturists and bee enthusiasts to be a part of the conversations that are forming our national and state level policies to protect pollinator health.


Green cycling

The Tour de Fresh raises money for salad bars in schools

By Angela K. Evans

Diet and exercise are staples of a healthy lifestyle. So naturally, cycling to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to school age children makes sense. On Oct. 19-22, 50 riders from the natural foods industry will participate in the second annual Tour de Fresh and Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) will be one of the beneficiaries.