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From seed to harvest

The story of Boulder’s newest community garden

By Mary Reed

It’s late April and Polly Ruff pulls a few weeds growing from the outside edge of her raised bed at Living Harvest Garden. The 30 plots surrounding her are in various stages of preparation for the first season of this freshly minted community garden..


Temporary nature

Artist uses drawings to start the conversation on climate change

By Amanda Moutinho

In the past, Rice has dabbled in several art forms, but he says when he started doing performance art he began exploring political themes. For this show, he says he wanted to address the serious environmental crisis happening in the world.


Getting to ‘zero’

A new ordinance requiring businesses to recycle and compost could propel Boulder toward a zero waste future

By Steven Grossman

Despite initiatives aggressively geared toward making Boulder earn its green reputation, the new Universal Zero Waste Ordinance, which got universal approval during a first reading in front of the Boulder City Council on May 5, suggests the community may need an extra push to achieve its zero waste aspirations.