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Fire mitigation tangles with marketplace

Homeowners needing work done to keep insurance struggle to find willing contractors

By Caitlin Rockett

So in January of last year, the county rolled out a program called Wildfire Partners, a group of specialists tasked with helping these residents assess vulnerabilities in their property and do work — from large jobs like cutting trees and replacing...


Climate’s threat to wheat is rising by degrees

One degree of warming could cause devestating shortages of this staple

By Paul Brown

An international consortium of scientists have been testing wheat crops in laboratory and field trials in many areas of the world in changing climate condition and discovered that yields drop on average by 6 percent for every one degree Celsius rise in temperature.


Tiny homes and tiny roadblocks

How small can you live in Boulder County?

By Christi Turner

An entrepreneur and construction expert, Fears says he thinks the Aspen has used its square footage optimally. The 24 feet by 7 feet of space occupied by this “Tiny,” as Fears affectionately refers to all super-small dwellings — otherwise known as tiny homes, tiny houses or micro-homes — is permanently mounted to a specially designed steel trailer.