Season-opening episode of ‘Nip/Tuck,’ Wednesday on FX


It took 91 episodes of “Nip/Tuck,” but Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) may finally grow a backbone.

In Wednesday night’s season opener — the first of
the last nine episodes in the series — McNamara finally realizes all of
the bad in his life can be traced back to his plastic surgery partner,
Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon).

Of course, if there had been no bad events this medical melodrama would have ended a long time ago.

“Nip/Tuck” continues to feature a combination of
bizarre medical conditions, sexual antics and absurd calamities. But
the mix is starting to feel redundant.

The season opener storyline — about a man who ate
his own lips — is a clue that the writers are getting toward the end of
their medical dictionary.

Troy’s sexual prowess made him an interesting
character at the start, but his lechery has been aimed at younger and
younger women in recent years and now just feels creepy.

And the calamity of the medical partners on the
verge of a break-up has been used numerous times before — the only
original twist is the newfound courage exhibited by McNamara.

“Nip/Tuck” has survived on pushing the limits of
soap opera standards for adultery, betrayal and criminal activities. It
has pushed those limits as far as cable TV allows. It’s time to pull
the plug.


10 p.m. EST Wednesday

FX Network

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