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After more than 25 years of operation Ristorante L, formerly known as Laudisio, closed its doors on June 8.

The local hangout and Italian restaurant inhabited its 29th Street Mall location for seven years. For the 18 years prior to that, it had been located in the shopping center on the Northwest corner of Iris and 28th street.

Neither the notice posted on the Restaurant’s door nor the message posted on Ristorante L’s website that was also emailed to long-time customers stated a reason for the closing.

The email read, “The restaurant would like to thank all its patrons who have been dining with us at our 29th Street location (since 2006) and previously at the Iris location.”

Former Laudisio owner Antonio Laudisio will still be attending the weekly Boulder Farmers’ Market as well as catering events.


With the frozen yogurt revolution taking off around the world, it is only fitting that froyo has conquered the Hill.

Yoyo’s, a locally owned and organic Frozen Yogurt shop, opened in March, just in time to offer summer treats.

Yoyo’s features 12 all-natural, locally made flavors including Raspberry Lemonade, Mango, Cookie Dough and Berry Tart. Yoyo’s has a new take on toppings with unusual options such as bacon bits, Nerds candy and Circus animal cookies.

They also feature a healthy take on the ice cream sandwich, with Italian waffle pizzelles encircling frozen yogurt.

Yoyo’s outdoor patio offers a place to relax with friends and family while indulging in a nutritious take on sweets.

is locally owned by the same Boulder families that own The Fitter and
Savvy. Yoyo’s is located on the corner of University and Broadway at
1335 S. Broadway St.


Even indulgence can be environmentally responsible.

Q’s Food & Wine Series is hosting ‘Farm to Fork, Grapes to Glass,’ a dinner with Benziger wines, at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, June 29.

Q’s is hosting the event in celebration of the well-known Benziger Winery of Sonoma County, Calif. The family owned and distinctive vineyards use certified biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming practices — because, they say, “great wine has green values.” Biodynamic agriculture treats the farm or field as a single organism, emphasizing relationships between soil, plants and animals as well as self-sustainability.

Benziger Winery focuses on biodiversity, soil revitalization and integrated pest management to produce its grapes.

Q’s chefs John Platt and Shawn Murrell will be focusing on sustainability as well by cooking with an emphasis on local, organic cuisine. The event’s food will be crafted with five classic varietals of Benziger’s Sonoma selec tions in mind.

The event is $65 per person. Call 303-442-4880 for reservations.


Small Denver-based company Peak 7 Vodka is diving into the Colorado micro-spirits market.

The official Peak 7 Vodka launch party will take place on June 23 at Mile High Distillery in Denver at 2920 Larimer St. where the spirits are made.

Named for its distilling process in which the vodka is distilled seven times before completion, Peak 7 was recognized at the 2013 Denver International Spirits Contest on March 2 and 3 as an award-winning vodka.

Peak 7 Vodka was awarded a bronze for best vodka after 12 prominent spirits professionals conducted a double-blind tasting.

“We are Colorado people who want to make a vodka that reflects the culture and vibrancy of Denver and the Rocky Mountains,” Peak 7 co-founder Dave Collier says in a press release. “We think Colorado’s the best place on Earth you can live, and the best place on Earth to make great vodka.”

Colorado has at least 25 craft distilleries. These small and carefully distilled batches of rum, whiskey, liqueur, vodka and gin are increasingly gaining shelf space in Colorado liquor stores, according to the American Distilling Institute.

Peak 7 Vodka, made with Rocky Mountain spring water and a blend of corn and wheat to achieve a unique balance of smoothness and taste, is available at select locations throughout the Front Range including Boulder Wine & Spirits, Hazel’s Beverage World and North Boulder Liquor.

“All things being equal, there are a lot of people who would rather buy locally-made spirits,” Peak 7 co-founder Desi Lopez says in a press release. “We’re delivering that high-end quality that people have come to expect from some of the major European brands, but we’re doing it with vodka made right here in our home city.”

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