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Choose your cocktail adventure

Evan Faber, beverage director at SALT in Boulder, has launched Cocktail Element, a new cocktail program that allows guests to design their own cocktail recipes by mixing and matching a spirit/base and flavor element, then choosing a style and size. Guests also have the opportunity to name their creation.

Choices for the spirit/base portion include tequila, rum, vodka, gin, bourbon or Scotch. Each base has three recommended flavorings, such as tamarind, cherry, chipotle and lavender. The available styles — like sour, Rickey, sling, Fizz, Collins and Daisy — are all defined on the menu, and guests can choose the smallersized “shorty” for $4 or the regularsized “Tall Boy” for $8.

SALT is located at 1047 Pearl St., and can be reached at 303-444-7258.

A mouth-watering music festival

At the Newhoma Music and Mountain Festival Aug. 20–22, you can fill your belly as well as your ears.

In addition to great music (like Colorado’s own Paper Bird), Newhoma is offering festival-goers a choice of meal plans for children and adults to make the three-day campout even more enjoyable. Meal plans include breakfast and dinner and are provided by Big Spring Lodge.

Newhoma Music and Mountain Festival will be held on 6,000 acres of mountains and meadows in Florissant, near Colorado Springs. Proceeds benefit outdoor programs for kids, including the High Trails Outdoor Education Center. For more information, or to buy tickets, visit www.newhoma.org.

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