Tidbites | Week of April 4, 2013



April 9-12 the 2013 Conference on World Affairs will host two food-related panels — one titled “Veganism: We Have to Stop Meating Like This” and the other, “Food: Waste, Want and Culture.”

This year’s food-related panels are composed of a multitude of experts — from professional chefs to musicians and professors.

“I guess that’s what helps create some of the magic of it,” says Vivian Siegel, a 2013 panelist. “Each participant will come with a different take on what it’s about, so it’s a very rich conversation.”

Panelists and moderators alike are assigned topics that they have a general interest in. But aside from the topic name and list of co-panelists, not much information is provided by the Conference on World Affairs committee, according to Rose Pierro, moderator for the veganism panel and owner of Wild Rose Marketing, a Boulder-based specialty and natural foods brokerage firm. For Pierro, that’s part of what helps keep the discussions so open. She says she doesn’t know if one panelist is for or against veganism.

Pierro says that sustainability, food waste and resource consumption very well could come up during the veganism discussion, but there really is no way of knowing where the conversation will go until it happens.

“You know a lot of people are into the whole cross-training thing now, where eating meat is very important, but they believe it should be grass-fed,” Pierro says. “And I’ve heard that raising cattle isn’t the best thing for the environment because of the manure involved. It’s definitely a wide spectrum, and a lot of different things could come up.”


Three locations of Vic’s Espresso are changing their name to Que’s Espresso. The company announced on Facebook that the South Boulder shop and the two Longmont locations are being renamed.

A Vic’s employee says Rob Quisenberry, who owns the three stores undergoing name changes, decided to part ways with Vic’s founder Mike Hilliker about five years ago. The new name, pronounced like the letter “Q,” is just an evolution of the separation. But patrons need not worry: Only the name is changing, “and a few things down the road a ways,” according to the company’s Facebook page.

New signs are already going up at the Que’s locations.

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