Tidbites | Week of January 2, 2014

All the news fit to eat

Beth Wright with a bier.
Susan France

NO EGG SALAD FOR ANYONE EVER AGAIN If you’re anything like us here at BW, you woke up New Year’s Day with a hankering for some egg salad. Excited, you leapt from bed and rushed to Pearl Street, where you then, in a hail of expletives, discovered that the Frasca Caffé was closed, meaning any egg salad you ate that day would have to come from other, inferior dispensaries. So in yet another hail of expletives, you gave up your fool’s errand and went back to bed.

The reason the Frasca Caffé is closed is for a big remodel of the space that will last through Monday, Feb. 10. And when it’s done, there will be no egg salad for anyone because the Frasca Caffé will be no more.

“The plan is to turn the Caffé space into a private event space (for both Frasca and [Pizzeria] Locale), and use it as overflow seating for Pizzeria Locale Boulder guests,” Account Director Sarah Abell said in a press release.

Remodeling crews will remove the coffee station and refrigeration units, build a wine station, and repurpose the wood fixtures and current seating to make one table to seat up to 10 guests.

Owners cited the space not being set up to their liking, and already used as overflow seating for Pizzeria Locale at night as the reason for the remodel. But the subtext is clearly that they were tired of all those gangs of teen hooligans getting hopped up on egg salad and scaring the “locales.”

CALL THEM PIZZA ARTISTS Rowdy teens insisting on eating at Pizzeria Locale are in luck, however. The Boulder-based class-fest opened its first franchise location in Denver in May, a locale that folks noted was a bit more proletariat than the Boulder class-fest, featuring a lunch-counter assembly line style of preparation.

But word came down last week that’s because the franchise locale in Denver was opened through a partnership with burrito-biz-behemoth Chipotle, which helped owners Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey develop an oven to replicate their crust and help them transform the restaurant experience into something more like Chipotle’s process as the opening salvos of Chipotle’s push into the pizza market, meaning more Pizzeria Locales are on the way, regionally and possibly even nationwide. Locale indeed.

Still no egg salad though.

BOHEMIAN BIERGARTEN CLOSING TEMPORARILY There will also be no egg salad at the Bohemian Biergarten. At least not for the 18 days following Thursday, Jan. 2. The downtown German-themed restaurant will have to temporarily close due to a liquor code violation stemming from a Sept. 7 incident in which a bouncer reportedly broke up an altercation between an off-duty employee and her intoxicated boyfriend in the bar a little too enthusiastically. According to hearing transcripts, the boyfriend had been drinking at a different establishment and police were not actually called to the Biergarten, but took their report on the incident later in the evening when they responded to a domestic violence call.

Calls to management at the Bohemian Biergarten for comment on the closure were not returned by press time, but they did say at their hearing with the liquor board that new policies have been instituted since Sept. 7 to ensure that the incident is not repeated.

But before rushing to judgment with witticisms like “Bohemian Fightklubgarten,” it’s also worth noting that as previously reported in BW, Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr was run out of Seattle in part for overzealous, and potentially unconstitutional, crackdowns and prosecutions on nightlife and bars while he was city attorney there (see “A Sobering Look at Tom Carr,” June 24, 2010).

“If they want to kill nightlife in Boulder — make bars go away, make music venues go away — Tom Carr is your guy,” David Meinert, an owner of Seattle restaurants and bars and a leader of the Seattle Nightlife and Music Association told BW when Carr was hired in 2010.

Worry not fraus and herrs, the leder should be back in the Biergarten’s hosen on Monday, Jan. 20. But there won’t be any egg salad then either, probably because it is not on the menu.

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