11 Secret Service Agents Placed On Leave in Prostitution Scandal

none | Boulder Weekly

The scandal that
has overshadowed President Obama’s attendance at a regional summit in
Colombia keeps widening and now involves the military. The 11 agents who
were put on administrative leave Saturday allegedly brought prostitutes
back to their hotel rooms, reports the Washington Post.
On Saturday, the Defense Department said five military service members
staying at the same hotel were suspended for breaking curfew and
unspecified “inappropriate conduct,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee,
talked to numerous news outlets and revealed several details about the
investigation. He tells the Associated Press
that “close to” all of the 11 agents are believed to have brought women
who were “presumed to be prostitutes” back to their hotel rooms. King
also tells the New York Times that
the suspended service members were also suspected of taking women to
their hotel rooms, although the Defense Department refused to confirm

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