Americans want more fruits and veggies for everyone

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If you’ve noticed more carrot-crunching, more orange-peeling, and an
abundance of leafy green salads lately, it’s probably not a coincidence.
As The Washington Post reported earlier this week, Americans eat more fresh foods than they did five years ago.

The WaPo story was based on a national phone survey conducted by the Kellogg Foundation,
which found that the majority of Americans are trying to eat more fresh
fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, are shopping at farmers markets
at least on occasion, and say they know “a lot or a little about where
their fresh fruits and vegetables come from.” These findings are
interesting — and they speak to the success of a whole array of efforts
to get more of us cooking, examining what we eat, and honing in on the
place where healthy and truly delicious foods intersect.

Less visible in the media landscape is the fact that the Kellogg
Foundation survey also suggests that all this healthy eating has
Americans looking outside themselves.

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