Apple shells out $60 million settlement for iPad trademark in China

none | Boulder Weekly

Apple has agreed to pay $60 million to China-based Proview over the
iPad trademark in China after numerous back-and-forths in court.
Although Apple claims it has owned the iPad trademark in China since at
least 2010, Proview won a series of Chinese courts decisions throughout
2011. Apple took the case higher up the chain and even battled Proview
in the US for a while, but apparently decided to put the case to rest as
of June 25.

“Personally I am happy to see the settlement by the Guangdong high
court,” Proview’s attorney Ma Dongxiao said, according to the Wall Street Journal.
“As we all know that Apple has made iPad such a big name, I don’t think
that brand could do Proview a lot of good even if Proview won it. So
this is a good solution for both sides.”

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