Apple’s iPad costs you $1.36 per year to charge

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iPad costs precious little for you to charge it each year, according to a new study.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducted a study recently to see how much the iPad costs in electricity
if users fully charge it every other day. The research agency, which is
funded by electric power companies, found that the iPad will cost
owners $1.36 a year, thanks to its consumption of just 12 kWh of
electricity each year.

The EPRI assumed that there are now 67 million iPads in the world and
applied the average energy use to each device to arrive at a total of
590 gigawatt hours of overall usage. In the event the number of iPads
worldwide triples over the next two years, the energy required to power
the devices would equal two 250-megawatt power plants operating at 50
percent utilization, according to EPRI. A quadrupling in sales would
require three plants.

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