AT&T matches Verizon, unveils shared data plans

none | Boulder Weekly

AT&T launched its own “Mobile Share” plans today, matching Verizon
Wireless’ push to get more people to share their data plans with family

Mobile Share, like Verizon’s Share Everything, provides a bucket of data
that can be shared between as many as 10 devices. One of the devices
has to be a smartphone, but other basic phones,
tablets, and laptops can be added on top of that for an additional fee. The plans get unlimited voice and text messages.

Shared data plans, which act like a family plan of minutes and text
messages to draw from, are expected to change how people view their data
plans. AT&T and Verizon hope the plans will drive the adoption of
new devices, although consumers will need to pay even more attention to
the data they consume, since they can burn up the allotment for an
entire family. The carriers also hope the family aspect of the plans
will increase the loyalty of its customers.

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