Boulder bats test positive for rabies


Two bats in the City of Boulder have tested positive for rabies, and Boulder County Public Health officials are reminding Boulder residents to avoid any contact with bats.

The first bat was found on June 2 in an entryway outside of unit 1 at 845 20th St., and the second was found on June 3 outside the entrance to Clutter Consignment at 1909 9th St., according to a Boulder County news release.

Both were taken to a state laboratory to be tested for rabies, and results confirmed that both had the disease. Rabies is an infectious viral disease that targets the nervous system and is always fatal unless it is caught and treated before the signs of any symptoms emerge. Treatment for rabies exposure includes a regimen of five injections given in the arm over a period of 28 days.

“People are most commonly exposed to rabies when they pick up a bat off the ground,
try to remove a bat from their house, or take a bat away from a family pet,”
BCPH Environmental Health Specialist Carol McInnes said in the news release. “It is extremely important that people avoid picking up or handling bats.”

Public health officials are encouraging Boulder residents to adhere to the following to reduce the risk of exposure: Do not touch any bat found outdoors, confine any bats found within a home or building, and open an outdoor window to allow it to escape. Any bats that are thought to have had contact with a person or pet should be carefully captured for testing, and should a pet or person have contact with a bat, officials recommend seeking medical care immediately.

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