Boulder car dealer accused of defrauding customers


Boulder police say
they have arrested a local car dealer on theft and check fraud charges, and
they are looking for other victims.

Police say Gregory
Kotsaftis, 45, was arrested on charges of theft of $20,000
or more and check fraud. Kotsaftis is the owner of Go Motors in Boulder.
He turned himself in at the Boulder County Jail on Sunday, Oct. 16.

According to a press release, the
investigation into Kotsaftis’ business practices began in August, when police
received a complaint from a car dealership in Canada that had purchased a 2011
BMW from Go Motors for $65,000. The dealership claims it never received the

The Canadian dealership, Paul Motors of
Montreal, contacted Kotsaftis numerous times and demanded a full refund, police
said. According to Paul Motors, the refund check was returned for insufficient
funds. When Paul Motors threatened to call the police, Kotsaftis allegedly told
them that police involvement would delay their repayment, according to the

There are at least seven other alleged victims,
according to the Boulder Police Department. Three victims claim they paid for
vehicles but never received the cars. Some of those purchases were made on eBay,
the release said.

Most of the victims confronted Kotsaftis
and demanded that he return their money if he could not provide the vehicle,
according to police. Refund checks for these victims were allegedly returned
for insufficient funds, the release said.

Boulder police say they believe there may
be more victims, and are asking anyone who may have lost money after dealing
with Go Motors or Gregory Kotsaftis to contact them. Det. Traci Cravitz is the
lead investigator on the case, and she can be reached at