Boulder County sheriff: Trick or treat with your kids this year


This story is part of Boulder Weekly‘s Jessica Ridgeway package.

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Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle is urging local parents to accompany their children as they go house to house on Halloween this year due to concerns about the at-large predator who abducted and murdered 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway this month.

Cmdr. Rick Brough of the sheriff’s office says his department always increases patrols on Halloween, and currently there is no plan to have more deputies on duty than usual during the holiday.

But he adds that “you’ve got to watch your kids when they go out.”

Pelle went a step further, saying that while his department is not changing its approach to Halloween, parents should.

“I would just suggest that parents need to do things differently,” he told Boulder Weekly. “I think parents need to accompany their kids this year, and probably in the future, but particularly this year.”