Chemical Linked to Cancer Found in 99 Percent of Americans

none | Boulder Weekly

An independent scientific panel approved by the DuPont company as
part of a class action lawsuit has linked an industrial chemical known
as C-8 or PFOA to kidney and testicular cancer in humans.

“Widespread pollution by PFOA should be a wake-up call that our
chemical regulation system is severely broken,” said Olga V. Naidenko,
Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group (EWG). “It
is particularly urgent for the Environmental Protection Agency to
develop a legal limit for drinking water pollution by PFOA, which is
currently unregulated and never should have come to market.”

EWG has campaigned for nine years to curb the use of PFOA,
a toxic perfluorinated chemical whose full name is perfluorooctanoic
acid, and to impose a strict cap on its presence in drinking water. As
well, EWG has advocated reforms to the federal Toxic Substances Control
Act that would require pre-market safety testing of all chemicals.

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