Clammed up: Digging for local, sustainable protein on a muddy beach

none | Boulder Weekly

You know what would make supermarket food taste better? Making
grocery shopping more like clam digging. Imagine having to paw through a
bin of wet sand to find your onions, or thrash through icy waves for a
chunk of Parmesan. Challenging, yes, but think of the feeling of
accomplishment as you sit down to dinner.

I thought about this last Sunday as I stood knee-deep in the Pacific,
wind-whipped and sandblasted. I’d come to Washington’s Roosevelt Beach
on the second clam-harvest weekend of the year to up my foraging game:
Having already tackled blackberries, mushrooms, and dumpster donuts,
the coveted Pacific razor clam seemed the logical upgrade. The animal
kingdom is a whole new ball game, even if the animal in question does
look kind of like a stray pancreas.

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