Coal mining accidents involved first Latino families in Boulder County

Jefferson Dodge and Joel Dyer | Boulder Weekly

Due to the fact that the early Latino history of Boulder County was never recorded well and is therefore largely missing, it is important to unearth any information regarding the identities of early Latino residents

in the county. In our effort to discover the identities of some of the first families in the area, Boulder Weekly examined the coal mining accident records in the Western History and Genealogy section of the Denver Public Library.

These records covered all reported mining deaths in the state of Colorado between the years 1884 and 1963. The following is a list of Latino coal miners who died in mining accidents in the northern coal fields, which spanned Boulder and Weld counties from the southern edge of Boulder near Marshall Road east to Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Frederick, Firestone and Dacono.

In some cases, these names represent some of Boulder County’s first Latino families.