Craft breweries growing faster than hops supply

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

Dear Colorado beerhounds: simmah down. Lestin’ you want to run out of hops completely.

The Forth Worth Star Telegram is reporting that the explosion in craft breweries has caused a run on hops, especially the herby and flavorful varieties used used in microbrews.

From the article…

“Washington farmers harvested more than 54.9 million pounds of hops last year, up 13 percent from 2012.

the number of craft breweries is also growing. As of 2013, there were
almost 2,500 craft breweries nationwide, according to the Boulder,
Colo.-based Brewers Association. That was nearly 500 more than 2011.”

Washington state is the source of approximately 80 percent of the U.S. hops supply. 

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