Denver woman charged with damaging Clyfford Still painting


A 36-year-old Denver woman
has been charged with criminal mischief for damaging a painting at the Cl
yfford Still Museum. Carmen
, 36, allegedly approaching a
painting and scratching, hitting and le
aning against it on Dec. 29, according
o the Denver District Attorney’s office. The value of the painting is between
at $30 million and $40 million and the early estimate for treatment is about

Tisch was arrested at the
museum and remained in police custody as of Jan. 4.

“The Clyfford Still Museum
maintains the highest standard of security; our security officers acted swiftly
and appropriately; the police were summoned immediately and the offender was
taken into custody within minutes of the incident,” a statement from the museum

The Still Museum has seen thousands
of visitors since opening on Nov. 18.

“This extremely rare and
random act of criminal mischief is highly deplorable,” says the museum’s
statement. “However, it will not deter us from performing our mission and
continuing to provide a world-class art experience to our visitors.”