Dish Drops 10,000 Subscribers, Fewer Than Expected

none | Boulder Weekly

Dish Network underestimated itself this year, losing fewer subscribers than expected in its recent second quarter.

The company lost 10,000 net subscribers, dropping 675,000 while
gaining 665,000, in the three-month quarter that ended June 30, Reuters reported.
The final result is a much healthier number than the 87,000 customers
Canaccord Genuity analyst Tom Eagan predicted. Last year, Dish forfeited
135,000 subscribers.

Earning more than 3 percent in gained shares thanks to its small
subscriber loss, the nation’s number two satellite provider ended the
second quarter with 14.1 million subscribers, having curbed its recent
former losses, which led to about 250,000 customers ditching Dish
Network in the second and third quarters of 2011.

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