DNSChanger: No, the Internet Isn’t Shutting Down on Monday

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Dozens of news outfits are amping up this DNSChanger malware “event”
on Monday with stories bearing apocalyptic titles like “Countdown to
Internet Doomsday: Will Your Computer Survive?” or “How to survive
internet doomsday” or “End of the Internet? ‘Doomsday’ virus will crash
thousands of computers on July 9.”

My personal favorite: “Five reasons DNSChanger victims deserve to
lose the internet.” Because nothing says “helping bewildered consumers”
like distorting what’s at stake to justify an almost gleefully callous
(but eye-catching!) headline.

When I click on any of these, I half-expect to find pictures of Bat
Boy, his half-human, half-nocturnal mammalian mouth opening like a
cartoon opera singer hitting the money note, his hands at his face
Macaulay Culkin-style, his computer melting like the Wicked Witch into a
pool of sludge.

What’s actually going down on Monday is far less theatrical.