Donations to Zimmerman Defense Fund Soar

none | Boulder Weekly

Zimmerman’s attorney says that donations to a legal defense fund for the
suspect facing a second-degree murder charge has increased almost
twenty-fold since his $1 million bond was announced Thursday.

The site that regularly receives $1,000 per day got $20,000 since his new bail was set, writes the Orlando Sentinel. The Miami Herald
says Zimmerman needs to pay $85,000 cash to get out of jail on bond.
That number doesn’t include the $15,000 he already spent on bondsman
fees from his first release.

If Zimmerman does post bail, he’ll be facing much more strict
conditions after Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester suggested that the suspect
previously had intentions to flee the country. As the Christian Science Monitor reports, Zimmerman has to stay in Seminole County, abide by a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, and be electronically monitored.

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