DUI suspect taken into custody, urinates


On Feb. 6, Boulder County sheriff’s deputies stopped a reckless driver in Longmont on Highway 119. Despite “mumbling speech” and “glassy eyed stare,” the suspect repeatedly denied that he had been drinking, the report said.

When the arresting deputy checked the man’s background, he found that the suspect was only allowed to drive vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock, a kind of in-car breathalyzer device, installed.

When the deputy asked the suspect if his vehicle was so equipped, the suspect “grabbed the turn signal for the vehicle and started to blow in it.” The officer then took the suspect into custody and transported him to the Boulder County Jail.

En route to the jail, the suspect reportedly told the arresting officer to “stop flipping him off,” and told the officer that both the officer and Boulder County “suck and lick balls.” Once at the jail, the suspect’s uncooperative behavior continued.

According to the arrest report, he began spitting and becoming “verbally uncooperative” with deputies from the jail.

The suspect then began urinating on himself as one of the deputies was pat-searching his legs and crotch.

The suspect was booked on charges of DUI, prior DUI offenses and reckless driving. A later inspection of the suspect’s vehicle uncovered alcohol containers, one of which was open.