Estimates Clash for How Much Natural Gas in the United States

none | Boulder Weekly

Natural gas is now flowing so fast into U.S. pipelines that
the big question seems to be what to do with it all: Engineer cars to
run on methanol? Reopen shuttered chemical plants that rely on gas for
feedstock? Export liquefied gas by tanker? With about two-thirds of U.S.
states thought to hold natural gas reserves, many take President Barack
Obama seriously when he calls the United States the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas.”

But just how much natural gas does the United States have?

close look at the assessments shows that even the experts disagree.
Most dramatically, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the
government’s own analytical team, last month slashed in half its
estimate for a key and large subset of reserves: the amount of gas in
shale rock formations across the country.

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