GALLERY: Spoon live at the Ogden Theater

David Accomazzo | Boulder Weekly

Spoon played a packed, sold-out show at the Ogden Theater in Denver last night, and the band did not disappoint the loyal crowds there to see the indie-rock icons.

The opening acts, Micachu and the Shapes and Deerhunter, received unenthusiastic yet polite applause from the crowd, and a quick look at the many bored faces dotting the floor of the Ogden implied that most were there for the main act, not the openers.

Micachu and the Shapes is an experimental three-piece group from England consisting of a guitar, a keyboard and a drum set. While singer Mica Levi lacked any sort of discernable stage presence (she looked bored — hungover, maybe?), she bravely led the trio through a whirlwind of unpredictable compositions that frankly, were very interesting to listen to.

When the main act came on, the place erupted in cheers. The lights silhouetted Spoon singer Brit Daniels like a deity, and he played like one.

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