Google acquires Sparrow, integrates it into the Gmail team

none | Boulder Weekly

Sparrow, the creators of the popular OS X and iOS e-mail client of the same name, has been acquired by Google, according to a posting on the company’s website
this morning. Sparrow’s developers will now be joining the Gmail group,
where they will be working toward an unspecified “bigger vision.”

The most immediate fallout from the acquisition is that the Sparrow
mail clients will no longer see feature updates—this was implied by
Sparrow’s announcement and confirmed by both a Google spokesperson and a
second announcement that went out to Sparrow users who had signed up
for the product’s mailing list. According to the message, the OS X and
iOS mail clients would continue to be supported and critical bugs and
security issues would be patched, but the team does not intend to
release any new features for either app. The desktop client has been
around since late 2010 and is fairly mature, but the iOS version has only been around for a few months and the acquisition makes features like support for push e-mail extremely unlikely.

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