Google Asked to Yank a Million Search Results a Month

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Google received requests to purge more than a million links from its
search results in March, according to the search giant’s monthly
“transparency report.”

The request-for-removal metric is a new one, appearing in the latest version of the report released Thursday.

According to the report, Google received requests from some 2400
copyright owners and reporting organizations to purge from search
results more than 1.2 million links contained on 24,374 domains.

On average, Google says that it removes from its search results 97 percent of the links that rights holders or their representatives request be purged from the results.

Top copyright-owning link-killers during March, Google reports, were
Microsoft, which asked that more than half a million (546,716) URLs be
sanitized from search results; NBC Universal (165,662); BPI — British
Recorded Music Industry — (151,087); porn site Elegant Angel (41,803);
and the RIAA (31,922).

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