Google may be planning Siri rival for later this year

none | Boulder Weekly

Google could be cooking up a new voice assistant designed to out-Siri Siri.

The company is said to have a new system in the works dubbed
“Assistant” designed to help people complete tasks by voice. And if
Google’s plans come together, Assistant could debut in the fourth quarter, according to TechCrunch.

Citing information from a source, TechCrunch said on Friday that the
search giant would control all of the layers involved in Assistant. But
Google would let third-party developers tap into the system to create
their own unique apps, a marked contrast from Apple’s Siri, which is a
closed environment and off limits to outside developers.

Google has been working with language technology for a number of years. The new project would reportedly be led by an
Android team working with Google engineer, Amit Singhal, who has a background in speech technology.