Google Shutting Down 5 More Services

none | Boulder Weekly

Google’s purge of its tired and least-popular services continues.
After closing or combining about 30 offerings since last year’s “fall spring-clean,”
the search giant today announced plans to retire 5 more services that
are either redundant or largely ignored by Google’s vast user base.

The features slated for the chopping block include:

Google’s browser desktop is archaic in today’s app-based world. “We
originally launched iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could fully imagine
the ways that today’s web and mobile apps would put personalized,
real-time information at your fingertips,” writes Matt Eichner, Google’s
general manager for global enterprise search, in a Tuesday blog post. The service closes on November 1, 2013, which gives iGoogle users a generous 16 months to export their data.

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