Google unveils new Google Drive cloud storage service with 5GB of free space

none | Boulder Weekly

Following a series rumors and leaks,
Google on Tuesday unveiled a new cloud storage service being billed as
the next step in the evolution of Google Docs. Dubbed Google Drive and
built to compete directly with Microsoft’s SkyDrive and other similar
services, Google’s new cloud storage solution features 5GB of free space
and deep Google Docs integration that allows users to collaborate and
share all of their documents.

The enterprise-focused service can be
upgraded to expand the amount of available storage, and packages start
at 25GB for $2.49 per month. Microsoft SkyDrive features 25GB of free
storage with the option to add 20GB for $10 per year, 50GB for $25 per
year or 100GB for $50 per year. Google guarantees 99.9% uptime with its
new Google Drive service, and it will launch Windows, Mac and Android
Google Drive apps immediately with an iOS app to be made available in
the coming weeks.

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