GOPers split over how to reform health care

none | Boulder Weekly

Ask the 242 House Republicans what kind of health policy they’d like
to enact instead of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law and
you might get 242 different answers.

Even after three years of
railing against Obama’s plan, Republicans have coalesced around only a
few basic tenets of health policy — let alone a full replacement plan.

They are even divided over whether some of the popular
pieces of Obama’s health law are a good idea. For example, most
Republicans support the health law’s requirement that insurance
companies accept all applicants — but the replacement plan put forward
by the most prominent Republican ignores that idea.

“It’s a terrible idea,” Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), the sponsor of the
plan, told POLITICO. He said Democrats only enacted the provision in
order to require exactly what kinds of insurance Americans must have. He
would rather expand coverage voluntarily.