Insult to injury: How the House snuck protection for GMOs into their farm bill

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Apparently it wasn’t quite enough for the House Agriculture Committee to pass a version of the farm bill that made over $16 billion in cuts to food stamps and allowed for an open-ended expansion of crop insurance for Big Ag.

No, the members of the committee also felt the need to sneak something in to help out those poor struggling biotechnology behemoths
in their attempts to win approval for new genetically engineered seed.
Since we all know genetically modified seeds never win approval. I’m
sorry. Did I say never? I meant always.

But apparently an unending winning streak isn’t enough for the
biotech industry. They want to make sure that the U.S. Department of
Agriculture approves their new seeds
with minimal study, and loses the ability to withdraw them from the
market should they prove harmful. To top it off, biotech companies want
to ensure that anyone harmed by these seeds will have no recourse for

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